Website Updates

Anything from major changes to little tweaks and pointless experiments. More for my own benefit than yours.
Data Status Details
02/09/2013 Finished Changed layout to use anchors to guide the user rather seprate frames.
21/08/2013 In progress Need to further test the viewer for for vistors page. Need to add content updates (trips/projects/interests).
21/08/2013 Finished Messed around with the viewer on the visitors page.
03/08/2013 Finished Put a random image generator on the main page. Changed file structure. Embedded a Google calender.
27/06/2013 Finished Change file structure and added more uni stuff.
20/06/2013 Finished Now using databases
17/06/2013 Finished Changed visitor section so back log of visitor information can be viewed by anyone.
10/06/2013 Finished Significant changes in the website. Added more information and fixed the visitor page.