A collection of the more interesting projects from my academic career. I made the change to LaTeX in late 2012.

Date Title View Associated module
05/2014 SAMURAI [view] ELEC6027: VLSI Design Project
01/2014 Coevolution [view] COMP6026: Evolution of Complexity
05/2013 A small scale quadcopter for robotic swarm development [view] COMP3020: Part III project {Dissertation}
05/2013 Arrhythmia: A machine learning exercise [view] COMP3008: Machine learning
01/2013 CORDIC architecture in system verilog [view] ELEC3017: Digital system design
12/2012 Image contour extraction [view] COMP3032: Intelligent algorithms
04/2012 Robot football [view] ELEC2032: Electronic design
11/2011 System verilog design of a sequential multiplier [view] ELEC2032: Electronic design
07/2011 Analogue design [view] ELEC2032: Electronic design